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Sunday, July 3, 2011

summer of the hero!

So far this has been a great summer for marvel, and DC fans like my self.  comic fans can now go see 3 major super hero movies in 1 day: thor, green lantern, and X-men first class.  And the most annticipated flick is yet to come; captain america.  I have already started planns for a premire party and i am currently constructing a cap. costume and painting an electric tug red white and blue for a 4th of july parade tomarow.  In closing happy 4th of july eve and stay strong true belivers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

sorry guys

i know i havn't been bloging, but i havent been on my computer much since school let out.  which reminds me...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time To Make Sence ( I Know Rite )

i know that handiling the subject of nerdiness can sometimes be confusing, especially when saying some thing is "cool".  Is "Cool" good or bad from the perspective of a nerd.  well here is the answer.*

nerdy (nirdee), adj. -unpopuler, not well liked by general youth population, last-year, so-yesterday.
exp.  suspenders are nerdy.  i may like them but they are not well liked by the general youth population.

cool  (cul), adj. -popular, well liked by general youth population, current, fashionable, hip
exp.  Ke$ha is cool. i may not like Ke$ha (in fact i hate her music), but she is liked by the general youth population.**

coo (cu), adj. -asome, great, likable, positive, uberlicious, neat, well liked by my self.
exp. i think Star Wars is coo.  the general population may not think it is cool but i like it.**

*these new terms and meanings only apply to new post.  i may have misused these terms in the past and i apologize.

**the words "cool" and "coo" should not be used interchangeably.